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Friday, January 6, 2012

More Good Things About Costa Rica

... the tomatoes! Today,  I picked two fat, red, plump, juicy tomatoes from the plants I have around the outside of the house. The seeds came from either a packet of tomato seeds I bought, or from the seeds of tomatoes I bought at the feria. They are all mixed up now but so what - all are delicious.

Sliced them up, sprinkled with a bit of salt and pepper and basil (our own) - bought the basil seeds at a local Atenas feed store.

We also have sweet peppers growing and those seeds came from peppers I bought at the feria. When I cut the peppers up to eat, I throw the seeds and membranes out onto my garden area.

I throw all kinds of vegetable leftovers out there - even stale bread. The wrens and robins go for the bread and I think it also attracts worms so the cycle goes on. This is just outside our back door and there is no smell - everything seems to rot really fast.

The only thing that shocked me was this: yesterday the two ripe tomatoes were perfect, today they had insect damage on the outside of the tomatoes.  How did those insects know my tomatoes were ripe for their eating? I wonder if I can cover the fruit with ..... something  ...... before the insects get to it.

Oh, and I have also planted melon seeds from feria melons, and pineapple tops .... it is January, for goodness sake - unbelievable.


Dan and Lisle said...

Not just the vegetables - the groundskeeper clipped the hedge and scattered the clippings along the top of the ravine at the back of the house - instant hedge there!! How can you not love a place that is so able to promote life!

Diana said...

So true - I love seeing the living fences and now you have living hedges.