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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Feliz Ano Nuevo

On this the eve of a brand new year, I want to thank all my blog readers, all our new and old friends in Canada, the United States and Costa Rica for being such great folks.

Thanks for helping us, for supporting us, for inviting us for meals and swims, beach days, giving great advice ... I could go on and on. Genny our cat thanks a very special person who went and visited her when she was boarding at the Santa Ana vet until we could pick her up after our arrival - you know who you are and we won't forget you.

Our first seven months in Costa Rica have exceeded our expectations - and we feel we couldn't have done it so well without our network of fantastic contacts.

Here's to a fabulous, wonderful 2012! Diana, Lance and Genny


Dan and Lisle said...

I am so envious you are here full time - and I am amazed at how quickly you settled in - I love reading your discoveries and sharing our tales.

All the best in 2012


Anonymous said...

I'm catching up on your recent blog posts, Di. What a wonderful time you are having in your new home.
I'm looking forward to visiting in 2013 and participating in all that you enjoy (and eating, of course).
Happy New Year to you, Lance and Genny.

Diana said...

We're looking forward to your visit also - and Happy New Year to both of you also.