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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sixth Month Review

We have been here for six months now and still feel the same way about this wonderful country as we did upon arrival. We don't regret the move for one minute.

It is so beautiful. We are meeting lots of Ticos and making new Gringo friends from all over North America. Our Spanish is coming along in baby steps but that is still more than we knew when we arrived.

We agree that Atenas and the surrounding area seems to be a perfect place to live. It has the quiet rural atmosphere that we both like yet is close enough to the airport, San Jose, larger towns, the beaches and so on. Atenas itself offers lots of restaurants, groceries, shops, and services for day to day living.

The dry season has arrived - not much rain, sunny and warm days, cool nights and I love the brisk breezes that blow most days. We have started walking into Atenas more often.

Started tomato, basil and melon seeds. Finally won the battle with the leaf cutter ants by using an organic insecticide called Omitox but will still have to keep watch that they don't set up more colonies.

We have days at the beach with interesting friends.

Plus, we can buy this brand of cheezies here:

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Carol B. said...

Hi Diana,

I have discovered your blog today and find it very interesting and really informative. Seems like we have a lot in common. I am seriously considering moving to Costa Rica. I had visited Costa Rica over 40 years ago and loved it. I also had over 300 orchids which I tended to for a number of obsession, but an enjoyable one generally, although it was a lot of work. But the gorgeous blooms more than made up for it! I have 2 elderly cats which I would be taking to CR with me.

I am a fellow Canadian, living in Ontario. Any advice that you would care to give would be much appreciated.