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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Was Crapped On (Literally) - A True Story

December 22 was Beach Day and we were delighted to be going again with our friends, Diane and John, and meeting up with the rest of the Beach Day gang. We're becoming such Beach Day addicts that we are planning on buying a proper cooler like the one D&J just bought.

Anyway, we were hauling our gear to a picnic table when .... splat! .... something wet landed on my head.  At first I thought maybe it was rain ... and I rubbed my head and it was sort of sticky. Then I had Lance take a good look and he wiped it with napkins and .... eeewwwhhh .... the napkin came away all yellow and brownish.

It was monkey poop!!!!

I changed into my bathing suit and went into the ocean pretty fast so I could wash the offending matter out of my hair with salt water before it made it's way into my brain ... well, probably that cannot happen but why take the chance.  I've heard that the monkeys will pee on the beach dogs so maybe they were sending me a message ...

1 comment:

  1. You did write about the monkey poop - Great!! I would've been mega disgusted, but you kept your cool :)