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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yet Another New Place to Dine At!

About a week ago, our fellow Canucks took us to a really fabulous place to eat - the Mirador el Pueblo Restaurant.

Total cost for 4 people, meals and drinks included: 23,000 colones, or $46 CAD.  That is a just bit over $10 CAD per person. We each ordered the same thing - fish. The view from this place is amazing.


Photolera Claudinha said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed El Mirador. It was our first restaurant experience in CR, when we stayed at a B&B in Santa Eulalia. We've gone back many times since and always loved their cooking, especially la corvina al ajilo - my favorite!

Diana said...

Sea bass with garlic!! Is that right? I will order that next time ... wow, garlic!!! seafood!!

Anonymous said...

We're looking forward to your culinary selections for us. Although that is WAY more fish than I can handle. I'm more of a beans and tortilla kind of gal. And maybe some carne. And fried plantains and Yuca, fresh coconut...Yum.

SJKSKI said...

Ooops, didn't mean for that to be anonymous.

mike and karen said...

Glad you enjoyed. The new chef has taken the food to a new level. We have been going there for years and always good. Encourage all to make a review on Trip Advisor.
Enjoy your posts Diane.

Diana said...

SJKSKI - hope you enjoyed all the food you ate here on your first visit to Costa Rica.

Mike and Karen - Glad to hear you enjoy my posts and I will make a review of this restaurant on Trip Advisor.