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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tuffy Does Toronto!!!

It's official - Tuffy, the cat who moved herself into our home, has been adopted by my niece in Toronto and will be boarding Air Canada on April 21st.

We'll miss her - and her snoring, ability to catch cheese squares in her paws, loud voice, loud purring and her pretty, pretty face. But we are very happy she is going to an excellent forever home.

We bought an airline approved carrier and it's all set up. I watched a video on You Tube about how to prepare it - layers of newspaper, covered by layers of those puppy training absorbent pads, with a final layer of a soft blanket. I'll be attaching plasticized info sheets and a bag of kibble.

We'll freeze water in one of the feeding cups the night before so it will melt slowly and she'll have water.

Tuffy appeared out of nowhere - just showed up on our patio last summer, meowing. She looked scared but hung around and gradually moved in. She has a partial ear tattoo that only tells us where she was spayed. Between my sister and me, we distributed 100 lost cat flyers in our neighborhood and nobody called. We had her scanned for a chip but she doesn't have one.

Here's some pictures of the carrier when we first brought it home, Tuffy (tabby) and Genny (our cat, black). I put catnip inside it initially to get them interested. Genny has taken to having her afternoon naps inside it.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to your new Toronto home, Tuffy. You will have fun running around a big house chasing two little boys playing Fireman Sam. Once you are citified, you will be able to shop in the upscale cat accessory stores and wear designer cat clothing. Cobb's Bakery is just around the corner for your morning Danish.
From Cat Grandpa Mike and Cat Grandma Mady. Meows, Purrs!