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Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Good Day

Yes, today was a good day to see some more of our stuff go out the door to new homes.

Thanks, Mike, for buying my custom made model boat display case. I had it made specifically to hold the crab boat that I made from a Billings Boat kit my husband gave me. I once told him that I felt like building something, so I thought he might get me a dollhouse building kit. Smart man that he is, he gave me a Billings Boat kit. For those of you who have built Billings boats before (say that five times fast), you know it is nothing more than a box of uncut cedar, poor instructions and a fittings kit, if you're lucky enough to have one included.

But what a challenge! and I'm so glad I hung in there and labored over it for at least six years. I actually built a wooden model boat, from scratch, and it turned out just fine. I had to problem solve, create, use math, cut, glue, build, make up tools ...... one of the best gifts I've ever received. The boat is being carefully packed for storage.

And thank you, Lisa, for giving The Pine Box a new home. That's the old pine cabinet I bought at auction in 1982 with the money the Coast Guard guys at Kitsilano Base gave me as a wedding present. My working career was with the Canadian Coast Guard. That cabinet held our china and glassware for years.

Kathy, thank you for taking the storage unit I had in our kitchen. Enjoy it .... and I hope it will fit in the truck you are going to bring next week!!

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