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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Storage Problem Solved

Well, after all the excitement of Tuffy going to his new home (I still think of him as a "her"), we had to put our minds to another pressing problem - that being "where to store the items we aren't taking with us until we are ready to have them shipped"?

I found the perfect solution by following the link on an ad that kept popping up on Facebook:
604 Storage Inc.

Not only do they deliver a large storage container to our very door, they will help us load it, then take the whole thing away and store it for us in Richmond, B.C.

There's more! When we're ready to have it shipped to Costa Rica, the whole container can be shipped! In fact, there was already one other customer in the warehouse who is doing the same thing as we are. We won't have to trek back to Vancouver from Costa Rica in a year or whenever to deal with this. Whatever shipping company we decide to use will just pick it up.

And more! Their prices are excellent. The container is being dropped off on May 18th. Yikes, I need more storage bins .....

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