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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thank You Very Much, Tuffy

Here are three things that do not mix: water, library books and curious cats.

I always have a large plastic container of water next to my side of the bed, plus a current library book. Reading is relaxing and the water takes care of night time thirst. There is a lid on my water jug, with a hole for a straw but water can still escape.

It was inevitable, I guess - either Genny or Tuffy would one night knock the water jug over. Sure enough, that is what Tuffy did last night. Trouble is, I didn't realize it until this morning so the book was good and soaked - and ruined. I also had the pleasure of stepping in the wet carpet.

I even tried ironing the pages to flatten and dry them - does no good. So, the upshot is that I had to pay full price for a used, wrecked book plus $8.00 to cover the replacement book's preparation for the shelves.


Julie said...

ugh! I did something similar, but with coffee on a bus with a French book from the Alliance Française library in San José. Cost me a bit more, as well (and took over a month!).
Still, libraries are sure great, eh?

Diana said...

Oh no, coffee! There's no way to try and hide that damage. I'm going to have to get an IPad so I can upload books before we get to CR.