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Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Getting Closer!

Yes, the count down has begun - we're looking at mid-May as our departure time. I've been to our local dollar store recently and found large plastic storage bags that you can suck the air out of with a vacuum cleaner. They are the right size to store my husband's grandmother's afghan quilts that she crocheted for us, plus I also have several that my grandmother made for us, and also one of my aunts. So I've been washing and drying them, stuffing them in the bags and flattening them down to a size you wouldn't believe. It's like saving cooked meat for the freezer. I have visions of using them on chilly mornings in the Central Valley.

We're not bringing much with us, mostly family things like the afghans and my mother's silverware. I went on line to see how to store silver and the information I got was to wrap the silver in tissue paper to prevent tarnishing, and then store in plastic bags. Hope that is correct because that is what I'm doing. Also I am photographing everything so we have a record for the shipping company and ourselves.

Another big project is to scan all my photo albums - ugh - we're talking decades here. And I'm still looking for a company that can scan all my slides for a reasonable price. Any ideas?

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