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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time Is Flying

I can hardly believe it is almost February.....three and a half months to go. I've sold a number of pieces of furniture and seeing the bare spaces in our house helps me feel I am actually accomplishing something.

CraigsList is great for selling but I feel people don't want to pay more $200 for anything - so posting something of more value might not draw any buyers. I'm trying it, though - nothing gained, etc.

I've been in touch with World Pet Travel and they will be sending Genny down to us, as soon as we have a house to live in - so that is one more thing settled and done.

We've decided to rent a small storage locker to hold the items we will want to have with us in Costa Rica, once we have lived there for a year and are sure that is where we want to stay. I'm packing as if everything is going to be shipped there now - photos of everything, lists for Costa Rica and Canadian Customs, insurance and the future shipper. That way, when the time comes next year, everything is already done.

Our RCMP police reports have expired. Immigration in Costa Rica requires they be no more than six months old and I got them too early. No problem - we'll get them renewed, then go and see our very helpful Costa Rican Consul to have all the documents approved. We'll take everything with us to our lawyer in Costa Rica.

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