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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Breaking News!!!

Tuffy went to the vet today to be vaccinated, dewormed, chipped and apparently have a sex change operation.

Yes, it turns out Tuffy is really a boy and not a girl! I swear I saw nothing to indicate that. Neither did my husband or my sister (who is a nurse, she ought to know these things).

It's not like we are entirely ignorant on these matters. Our Siamese cat, Mat, had very definite, albeit, tiny gonads but they were there.

Huh, just when you think you know everything ....


  1. I had the same experience with my B.O.P. (Big Orange Pumpkin). We took her to the vet for the first time (she'd come to us as a stray) and the vet corrected us "this is a male cat not a female." Well, I replied, B.O.P.'s very secure in her masculinity.

  2. Ha ha ha! and love the name "B.O.P.:

  3. We called our male cat "Lilly" for a month, before we took him to the vet and were corrected. Lilly is now Sapphire.

  4. Good to know we are not the only ones with feline identification challenges! "Sapphire" - another great name.