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Monday, March 7, 2011

You Know You'll Never Wear It Down There

Here's a picture of three items of clothing that are not coming with us. It took me a while to admit that they will never be worn again by me. The bright blue dress is what I wore to my niece's wedding - it has a fabulous embroidered jacket that I might, just might, take with me. The jacket could be worn with a cami and straight legged black pants. It looks sort of tropical.

The red sequined dress was bought to wear to a New Year's Eve party many years ago. I just love the way it shimmers. I also have a pair of silver sequined shoes to go with it. The whole outfit is outrageous.

And the navy suit - my husband gave it to me for Christmas one year. It is beautifully made and tailored. It even has a gold chain stitched around the hem of the jacket to help it hang straight. I wore it and wore it and wore it - timeless. That's the suit I was wearing in Reno one year when I won a whack of moola on a slot machine that gave me a Royal Flush.


  1. What size is that sequin dress? I can't resist sequins! I guess it's ok for you to give away the dress you wore to my wedding in 2002 lol.

  2. Someone will enjoy these ... nice memories especially about the $$$

  3. SJK: The dress says "medium", it's pure silk. Also has a belt in the same material. Shall I wrap it for you? Do you want the shoes, size 8B? Glad you are ok re: the blue dress! It too is silk, found it at Talbots in Ottawa. Nana made me buy it - I really just wanted a light summer frock but none were to be had that year. I left it to the last minute - never really was happy with it except for the jacket....was it really 2002? where's the time gone.

    Two W's: Yes, the memories are nice - but the photos are easier to carry around, especially scanned and on the computer!