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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Eyes on Costa Rica - Update/March 5, 2017

The number of countries from where this blog has received visits has risen to 119, the latest including Bosnia & Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Bolivia and, most recently on March 3, Mauritius. The number of individual places from where visits have been received is now over 3300.

Mauritius is a small island country about 1200 miles off the east coast of southern Africa and seems to have some of the trappings of Costa Rica. On the map below, it is highlighted with reference to Costa Rica by yellow circles.


The red dots identify places from where visits have occurred since September 29, 2016. The density would be significantly greater if all places both before and after that date were shown (see my October 4, 2016 blog entry).

I find it fascinating that someone in another part of the world is reading my Costa Rican blog. It's like having penpals everywhere and I'm learning about so many countries/places.

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Samantha May said...

Checking in from Las Vegas, Nevada USA here! We are planning our first visit our tree soon and have a 5 year plan to start living there, even if part time. These blogs are exactly what I need when I am Costa Rica dreaming. Listening to the rain in your video as I type this comment makes me feel like I am almost there. ♡♡♡

Diana Miskell said...

Oh how wonderful! Thank you for your kind words and delighted to know you are enjoying reading about our odyssey. I did the same as you are doing now - reading all the CR blogs before we moved here. You have a good plan! Keep in touch.