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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Etnia Bistro Pub

Etnia Bistro Pub is the first gastro pub in Atenas. It is located just off ruta 3, across from the gasolinera de Coopeatenas. Camilo and Nicole are the owners and chefs.

They have added a new service - Etnia Express - dinner at home with the option of picking your order up yourself at their restaurant or having it delivered to your house for a very reasonable service charge. Every week Camilo sends me the menu for the following week. A quick email to him with my selection completes my order. He emails back telling me what time he will be at our gate.

Last week, I ordered two Caribbean curried shrimp dinners. Here is the menu for that week:

Here is our delivered order:


It was delicious, lots of flavors. Lance isn't a fan of cilantro but he liked it in this dish because it had just the right amount. I love anything with coconut in it and thought the rice was very good. There were plenty of shrimp. Also included were banana chips. Total cost for the two meals was 10,500 colones (about $19 USD). C1500 was for delivery right to our house by Camilo himself.

Here is the menu for the week of  March 28 to 31, 2017:

Treat yourself and order dinner - no cooking!

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