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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Volcano Trouble in Costa Rica

It appears that the Turriabla volcano in Costa Rica is acting up. It can be found on Google Earth.

I have been hearing complaints ranging from swimming pools being dusted with a bit of ash, to farmers concerned about their crops and livestock being endangered if the situation becomes more serious.

Today (March 12) my husband Lance had his own complaint. He often works in his outdoor patio office as opposed to his indoor less laid back office. But, for the first time and over the span of a few hours, his computer keyboard and mousepad have been continuously speckled with a very fine grit which could be ash from Turriabla. Lately, the winds have been in the right direction for this to occur.

As the crow flies, we in Vista Atenas are only about 43 miles (69 km) from the Turriabla volcano. The situation is not particularly serious for Lance (poor boy – he might have to move inside the house), but for others closer to the volcano the economic consequences could be devastating and that is sad – especially if the volcano really blows its top. For a current update from "The Tico Times" go here.





  1. hola soy tica y siempre leo tus post!!! me encantan, esperemos que la situación no pase a más y pronto tu esposo pueda seguir disfrutando del verano. Saludos

  2. Gracias! Estoy feliz de aprender a leer mis posts. Mi marido es todavía capaz de trabajar fuera, pero nos estamos barriendo un montón de cenizas. Cuídate.