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Friday, March 20, 2015

Scruffy Friday

For those who may not know, a few years ago a little dog, now known as Scruffy, appeared on our road. He had no collar, seemed lost and disoriented and was lame. He was wary and hard to approach. He roamed around our neighborhood looking for food. Neighbors started feeding him and he became more trusting.

Eventually, he decided to adopt our neighbors Rose Mary and Tony as his guardians. They had him neutered, checked out by a vet, had vaccinations, worming, etc., and took him into their home. He now sports his own blue collar with ID tag and Rose Mary keeps him supplied with a variety of jaunty neck scarves.

If Rose Mary and Tony are away from their home, Scruffy comes down the road to stay with us. He just wanders in and lies down on the dog bed we provide for him or sometimes he goes and sleeps under our bed.

Today, he decided to spend some time with us. Here are Scruffy Friday photos to enjoy.



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