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Monday, March 9, 2015

Visitors From The Frozen North!

Cathy and Ken contacted us not long ago. They follow Gloria and Paul Yeatman's website, Retire For Less In Costa Rica, and found us through them. Like us, Cathy and Ken are Canadians. They are from the Great Lakes area and were travelling around Costa Rica and thought it would be fun if we connected in Atenas.

Which we did ... iced mocha coffee drinks and one latte at La Carreta (these are not on their menu but just ask for them). I am sorry but I cannot find a web site for this restaurant so cannot provide a link. Just ask someone for directions. It is not far from the central park and has the Friendship Library (free lending library). Cathy and Ken were travelling around the Central Valley and parts of the Pacific Coast the way I think everyone should do it (at least once) and that is by bus and taxi.

They are my idea of perfect tourists ... fitting in, enjoying the culture, interacting with the Ticos, observing the bird and plant life, and just enjoying everything.

A few days later, they came over to our house and we talked about living here and just things in general. It was nice to connect with fellow Canadians. Oh, and thanks for the Canadian maple syrup! I made pancakes this past weekend just so we could enjoy the syrup.

Ken and Cathy
Diana and Lance


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