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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Independence Day in Atenas

Thursday, September 15, 2011, was Costa Rica's 190th celebration of independence from Spain. Celebrations went on for most of the week across the country. It was also the first celebration we have been to since moving here in late May.

We went into Atenas around 9:00 a.m. and had a great time watching the parade and walking around the park. The weather was perfect. Lots of marching bands from different schools in the area.

The central park gradually filled up with kids and families and everyone was enjoying the food booths. We had pork brochettes with a small corn tortilla stuck on top of the stick. If we hadn't had breakfast, I know I would have tried a lot more.

I made a parade video but I cannot seem to get my videos on my blog - the message claims it is loading but then nothing ever happens and I've left it for an hour just to see what would happen.

So, here are some photos. I was delighted two horses were in the parade as now I have some more reference shots for future paintings. Can't wait until the oxen parades start.

You can't beat the colors in Costa Rica.

I bought my first Costa Rican orchid - and so the new collection begins. This is a phal.

The pork brochette guy - they were really good.

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos! Gracias. I didn't know 9/18 was independence day for CR. My Ticas & I have been running non-stop since they got here last Saturday night. They leave on Friday for another homestay, so we've got to get it "all" done asap. We had, at least, one evening of just hanging at the house listening to latin music & dancing. What fun. Tomorrow they're off for a walking tour of Portland, capping off with a tour of city hall (where I work). Let me know if you want those shorts! ps: can you please send me you email address? Gaby from PDX