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Friday, September 9, 2011

Here and There in Atenas

A couple of days ago we went into Atenas for supplies. We stopped to pick up the jeans Lance had altered at a local tailor (see previous post) - the bill was 1000 colones (2.00 CAD).

Then we walked over to the Supermercado to shop for groceries. Along the way, we met the nicest senior you would ever want to meet. We first met him at Kay's Gringo restaurant not long after we arrived here. This lovely guy walks around Atenas with a wicker basket full of fresh made tortillas, hot, 2000 colones for two packages. We've been eating them for the last two days. These are not flat tortillas, they are puffy and I think they have cheese in them. He or his wife must make them at home I guess.

They are so good with lots of butter on them!

Here's a picture:

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