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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hedge Trimming Time

Yesterday, we both decided it was time for haircuts. The last cut I had was in San Francisco the day before we flew to San Jose (May 31) and, folks, that cut cost $155 U.S. It was a great cut but surely the most expensive one I've ever had in my life and I was used to expensive Vancouver, B.C., salon prices. Lance's last haircut was even earlier than that.

Even in Cloverdale, where we lived and that was outside of Vancouver, my cuts cost $60 and Lance's cost $7 for a number 3 (shave the head, 5 minutes) which was a heck of a lot less than the $30 or  $40 that was charged in Vancouver.

So Lance went to a barber - Yugo - this morning ($5.00 CAD) and I went to the salon next to El Balcon del Cafe y Bistro where we had breakfast, and the cost for my great cut was 5,000 colones or $9.71 CAD.... that included a shampoo with conditioner, the cut and styling. I had brought in a photo of the cut I wanted and, although there was barely any Spanish/English cross-communication, my stylist did a fantastic job.  And I am sorry that I did not think to ask for her card so I could share the info with everyone. But everyone knows where the Balcony Cafe is, I think - you can order a Tico, German, American or light breakfast and they have a cooler full of locally made sausages, etc., for sale.... so it is the only salon right next to the cafe.

I said to Lance that my head looked a lot smaller and he said that is because you got rid of the big hair. I feel a lot cooler topside.

Oh, and I have to mention our taxi driver, Mario Castro. He and Jorge Calderon appear to be in business together and, if we can't reach Jorge, then we call Mario. So Mario picked us up this morning and we needed to be dropped off near a tailer I had found because Lance has a pair of jeans he bought in San Francisco that are much too large now. We both have dropped weight from around our midsections since arriving in Costa is the healthy food, the weather, the Pura Vida!

The tailer was closed but Mario drove us, gratis, to another place that sells mens' clothing and also does alterations. Lance's altered jeans will be ready next week.

We are amazed, over and over again, about the friendliness of Ticos and Ticas .... both Jorge and Mario try to help us with our Spanish every time we meet them. Costa Rica is an amazing country.

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