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Sunday, January 8, 2017


A couple of years ago, our good friend and neighbor, Sharon, gave me a beautiful backpack. She knew I liked to walk into Atenas and a pack would be so useful. It was embroidered in designs with beautiful colors and made in Costa Rica. It saw a lot of use.

Here it is:


Unfortunately, it was stolen during our house robbery last year. I've really missed having it.

This Christmas, Sharon handed me a wrapped gift. Inside was a new backpack, woven in bright colors, and also made in Costa Rica. It's gorgeous. Thank you so much, Sharon. How fortunate are we to have such wonderful friends and neighbors. Here is the new backpack:



Debbie Rudd said...

My backpack is the most important thing that I use everyday! It is absolutely necessary for all the things I have to carry walking and on the bus. Great that you have such a wonderful neighbor!

Diana Miskell said...

I see a lot of people using them here ... and lots of people walking.