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Friday, January 27, 2017

A Super Day

Actually, just about every day in Costa Rica is super ... at least in my opinion.

As usual, we were up and about around 0400. Lance heads into the shower and I head into the kitchen to feed our cat and put the coffee on. That done, I go outside to the patio table to check email on my iPad. It's still dark of course but there are lots of morning noises ... local roosters, workers being driven up to the coffee plantations, people driving off to work, early morning wild bird sounds.

Before it's my turn for the shower, I take two eggs out of the 'fridge to warm up to room temperature, put two frozen McCains potato patties in the oven (if we are having them), and decide if I'm having oatmeal or toast. Lance always has tortillas with his egg. He is also the soft boiled egg cooker guy and has cooking them correctly down to a science. We also have fruit ... a banana usually but I also love papaya on hot buttered toast. This daily breakfast holds us until dinner, with maybe a few snacks in between ... 

Today was the day I cleaned half of our little house. I moved the chesterfield and two chairs so I could vacuum under them. What is that? It's one pair of my glasses that have been missing for months!! How did they get under there? I vacuumed and washed the floors and rearranged the furniture into a more agreeable position.

So, finding a missing pair of glasses and cleaning half the house is ... a super day.