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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mr. Pura Vida Pura Vida

We are house sitting at Pica Flora, one mountain ridge over from our house, until early next week. This morning we drove to our house to feed the foster cat and wait for the fish man, because I wanted to buy shrimp from him. He hits Vista Atenas (where we live) early every second Saturday. Bought the shrimp, fed the cat, and went back to Pica Flora. No, that's wrong - fed the cat first.

When the fish man showed up some hours later at Pica Flora - he took one look at me and laughed and laughed. What are you doing here? Where are señor and señora?

So we got all that sorted out. I call him Pura Vida Pura Vida, because that's what he always says when I ask him how he is.


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