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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Fostering a Cat

Here is Oro (Spanish for "gold"). I gave him that temporary name because his eyes are golden hued and he has golden tail and facial hair. I say "temporary" because he is up for adoption and his new "forever" guardians can rename him if they wish.

Oro, so relaxed now.


He showed up in our neighborhood a few weeks ago, either lost or abandoned. We ignored him, hoping he would find his way home. Of course, he never left. Our neighbor Rose Mary saw him eating bread crumbs from their bird feeder so he must have been very hungry. She started to feed him and then we took over that task. We are going to have him neutered very soon and hope to find him a good home.

His wonderful personality has emerged now that he has regular food and feels safe. He is very affectionate and cuddly. We think he is young, perhaps a year old. Oro was obviously an outdoor cat and he still feels more secure being outside then in the house - although he has started to explore around inside our house. In our tropical climate, he is perfectly fine being outdoors as long as he has shelter from the rain. This also means we don't need to have an indoor litter box.

After our old cat, Genny, passed on (I have written about her here on this blog) we made the firm decision not to have any more pets. We are serious about this which is why Oro is up for adoption.

Oro loves my hammock and will jump right in it with me. He's also gone solo. Here he is dreaming of his new home:




Gary Badgley said...

That is one laid back cat. Maybe you have another pet and you don't know it.

Diana Miskell said...

I've never seen one this relaxed either. Say, Gary, what's your shipping address?

Gary Badgley said...

Victoria, B.C.!