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Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Lucky Day

Yesterday morning, I decided to walk into Atenas to see if my order from Art Depot had arrived at the bus station. I had placed the order yesterday, over the phone, and they popped it on a bus going to Atenas from San José for minimal extra cost.

Just before I left, a car pulled up to our gate with a parcel for me. This was the order I had placed with the company Royal Palm Interiors for a quart spray bottle of a product called Concrobium Mold Control. Royal Palm are the Costa Rican distributors of Concrobium. They use it a lot because they are situated in Uvita, Zona Sur, where mold is a big issue.

We're trying it out because it apparently eliminates mold and mildew, prevents mold growth and kills musty odors. It actually destroys the mold spores and lays down a protective barrier that prevents mold growth. This was lucky because we have a number of areas and items with some mold problem and I didn't want to delay treating them.

I had just walked to the corner of our road and Routa 3 when one of our neighbors stopped and offered me a ride. This was lucky because it was starting to feel hot from the sun and I was thinking I should have left earlier.

Leticia dropped me right in front of the bus station - some more luck. Thank you, neighbor!

My luck was holding - my Art Depot order was ready for me to pick up.

I decided to walk to the Coopeatenas Supermercado from the bus station and, along the way, I met one of our taxi drivers - Mario. Always nice to see our friends. Three minutes later, another taxi driver friend of ours, Diego, pulled up and asked if I wanted a lift to the Coope (not very far and no charge). So perhaps meeting Mario gave me the luck to be right at the spot where Diego was driving by.

It's always good luck to meet friends and I met four of my fellow Atenas Artists Association members at Coope.

Wait! There's more! The BBQ chickens were cooked and ready to buy. So many four leaf clovers on one day.

My good luck streak was still holding. Diego had gone into the grocery store and not left so he was there to drive me back home.

At the Coope checkout, I was given a ticket to fill out for a raffle they are holding. Maybe I'll win. I read the other day about a couple in Costa Rica who bought raffle tickets from two neighborhood boys to raise money for their school. They bought tickets to support the school, with no thought of winning or what the prize was. Guess what? They won! The prize - a live pig!

That might not be so lucky.


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