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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Atenas Painters Association, Costa Rica - First Art Show

The Atenas Painters Association's first art show was a resounding success from all accounts. We are a group of, presently, seven painters living in Atenas and surrounding area. Each of us has different styles of painting - abstract, realism, etc., and we offer high quality work. We are hoping to add Tico artists to our group in the near future.

Our show was held at Hotel Colinas del Sol in Atenas, which was a perfect venue, with plenty of parking and an excellent restaurant and bar.

Friday night, August 29, 2014, was a private wine and cheese opening reception. Saturday and Sunday, August 30 and 31, we were open to the public. Turnout on all days was excellent and sales were made.

Considering this was our first ever show, we think it went very well and we will definitely be holding more shows.

Many thanks to Gordon Balter for organizing us, Sharon Balter for welcoming guests at the door, Al Alexander and Pete Snyder for making the panels, easels and hanging the lights and Colinas del Sol and staff for all their assistance. Thank you to all who attended our show and made it such a success. Special thanks to Claudia and Barry for the lovely bouquet of flowers they brought me.

Sold! My work, "In Tandem/En Tándem" acrylic on canvas, 34" x 42"
Al Alexander's art
Jocelyn Farquhar's art on the left and Harriet Sheppard's work on the right.
Pete Snyder's art
Sheila Nelson's art, on the right
Sheila Nelson's art on the left.
My display
On the left, artist Julie Jones, and my work to the right of Julie's.



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