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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Army Ants!

I was sitting outside this morning, absorbed in something on the computer, when a couple of large ants strolled by on the screen. Lance came outside at that moment and noticed there were swarms of them on the patio.

We unplugged the computer, grabbed it and ran inside. We shut both doors to the outside. The windows are screened so - hopefully - they cannot get in the house that way.

There is nothing you can do about army ants when they decide to make a call. If they get in the house, just go away for a couple of hours. They will do a thorough job of cleaning your house of other insects, crumbs on the floor, etc., and then they leave. Our invasion lasted about an hour or so.

Our ants today were marching in a fairly wide swath up our road and some were diverting left into our laneway to see what they could find. The darn things bite. One bonus of their visit was the appearance of quite a few birds and I think they were eating the ants. We had several blue-black grassquits (Volatinia jacarina) - a new bird for me, assuming I identified it correctly.

Scruffy, our neighbor's dog, chose this time to come and visit us. We could see him shaking his feet so he must have walked right through the path of the ants. We quickly brought him indoors and cleaned his feet off, stomping on ants as they fell off him. I said to Lance, "It was never this exciting in Canada".

Here is a short video I made of the invasion:




The Two W's .... said...

Yikes! I'm itchy just looking at them!

Diana Miskell said...

Nature sure is amazing but I would not want them crawling over me!