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Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Brand for Costa Rica

A new country logo for Costa Rica was released on Tuesday of this week, "Esencial Costa Rica" ("Essential Costa Rica" in English). The brand will be used to promote trade, investment and tourism.

I like the clean design. The green color represents Costa Rica's commitment to the environment and the flowing script represents the Pacific and Caribbean oceans on each side of Costa Rica and mountains in the middle. There are so many ads around using toucans, oxcarts, parrots, etc. This new design is a nice change for the senses. It is sophisticated.

There is also a new promotional video and you can view it here.



  1. It looks like a an Eco Logo, Congratulations for your new reléase.

    Sheers from Panama

  2. You know, I was so disappointed about the reaction of the majority of ex-pats, who responded to an opinion pole in AM-Costa rica. I was pretty much the only one, who wrote in a positive response. I think it's adult, sophisticated and reflects both mountains and ocean waves and goes beyond the usual backpacking-toucan-tree frog approach, to show we're ready to partner the contemporary, business world. Anyway, the usual, obnoxious ex-pat grumbling continues!

  3. Yeah I share the idea of Eco Logo! Is a great!

  4. Good post. We've posted a similar Costa Rica profile here: