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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Short, Sweet Life of a Pineapple

I noticed today how orange in colour Ani the pineapple had become and there was the distinct scent of ripe pineapple in the air. Although Ani was not very large as pineapples seem to go, there was no doubt she was ready to be harvested.

I first started posting pictures of Ani some months ago when one of the pineapple tops I had planted started to show a tiny, tiny pineapple growing up from the middle of the leaves. This was a big thrill to me, a person from Canada where all the pineapples are imported, probably from here.

You'd think it would be hard to harvest a pineapple that actually been given a proper name but I have to say it was not ... and, although small in size, that was one juicy, sweet pineapple and the freshest one I have ever tasted!

Prior to harvesting

I'm now preparing Ani's top for planting and it's possible that the "mother" pineapple will send out little pups.