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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jungle Cat

Besides blogging about our life here in Costa Rica, I also paint - specializing in portraits of cattle and horses. Now and again I will do a dog or a cat.

You can see my work here. My latest painting is of Cleo, the Abyssinian cat, owned by our Canadian friends, Diane and John. Cleo came with them when they moved to Costa Rica. This painting is a gift to them to say thanks for all the help they have given us since we moved here.

In creating the painting, I wanted Cleo as the main focus of course, with special emphasis on her fabulous eyes. For the background, my inspiration came from the style of Henri Rousseau. I also wanted lots of colour, representing the many beautiful colours that exist in nature here.

The plant shapes in my painting came from my own imagination.

Cleo, Jungle Cat



  1. Diane, this painting is absolutely beautiful. I've been reading through your blog in reverse order after Gloria Yeatman mentioned it when I asked if she knew of any Canadians who had moved to Costa Rica. Very enjoyable and informative reading!

  2. Diana, my apologies for misspelling your name...

  3. Hi Sherry, thank you for reading my blog. So glad you are enjoying it. No problem re: my name. Are you thinking of relocating here?

    1. We would love to, but right now we are just in the 'dreaming' stage. We spent a week at Leaves and Lizards Arenal Cabin Retreat and absolutely loved every minute of it. The scenery was spectacular and the birds were beyond description ...and we are not really 'birders'! Returning to -25C in Ottawa after such beautiful weather was difficult. Almost felt homesick, LOL! Maybe someday...