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Monday, May 27, 2013

Scruffy the Costa Rican Dog

I have written about Scruffy in previous posts. He showed up on our road one day, seemingly lost and disoriented. He bunked in with our neighbours across the way for a while. He would also show up at our place and our neighbors behind us. We all fed him. Over time, he acquired the name "Scruffy" and it suits him. He is some sort of terrier mix, with wiry hair and very odd leg bone structure. He will never win Best of Show at the Westminster Dog Show in New York but he would get first prize for personality. Scruffy is the brightest little dog, very well mannered, and has appointed himself protector of the properties around us.

But he really attached himself to our neighbours that live up above us on the hill. Rose Mary is Scruffy's main gal. Husband Tony says he has nothing to do with it, but we know he likes Scruffy a lot. Scruffy visits us every day and cat Genny gets along with her new buddy very well.

One day Scruffy appeared at our house sporting a spiffy red bandana. Then next time he was wearing a blue one. Then came a collar. Eventually that collar broke, and Scruffy appeared at our house the other day wearing a blue bandana, a new blue collar and a blue ID tag with his name, his address and contact information for him.

This is irrefutable proof that Scruffy is not our dog - he now has a forever home with Rose Mary and Tony.

"If the collar proclaims, you cannot disclaim".

Scruffy and His New Gear
The Proof Positive