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Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Tropical Storm

This is a video I made during late afternoon yesterday, when we experienced a thunder storm for about 50 minutes. Afternoon rains, which may or may not be accompanied by thunder and lightning, are a common occurrence during our green season. The green season runs from about April to October/November.

Mornings will be sunny, with the clouds moving in sometime in the afternoon. The rain, if we get it, may not last very long, an hour or so. October/November will be the rainiest months. We get periods of a couple of weeks during July and August that are called veranilla or little summer, when we experience no rain.

Costa Rica has many, many microcosms of weather. This is what we experience at our home in Vista Atenas.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You sent the storm up here. Very heavy rains yesterday and today. Washed most of the soil out of a planter and all over the deck and has ruined the robin's nest in the Japanese Yew at our front door. Deck covered with mud now and robin's eggs broken and out of the nest.Luckily, very new eggs, so no dead babies in them.