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Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's My Birthday and I'll Do What I Want

... and what I wanted to do was go to San José for an Asian food lunch and, in this case, it was Chinese food at Don Wang Restaurant. I've done a previous post on the dim sum at Don Wang, which was excellent.

This time we ordered off the regular menu and decided on the meal for three persons. Piggish I know, but we wanted to try the sea bass with vegetables and the satay beef sauce, which had two hot peppers beside it on the menu, indicating it should be a spicy dish. Also included were a Beijing salad, shrimp wonton soup, and sweet peppers filled with minced shrimps.

We also ordered two mora (berry) fruit drinks. My favourites were the sea bass and the sweet peppers filled with minced shrimp and a black bean sauce. We had enough left over for para llevar (take away) so we'll enjoy another meal each.

Service was efficient and the food arrived promptly. Don Wang Restaurant is located on Calle 11, between Avenidas 6 and 8. Now that the San José streets have street signs, it makes it much easier to find. On the other hand, all the taxi drivers can get you there.

Here's a handy tip: I carry one of those small, frozen ice packs wrapped in tin foil when going out to places where I think I might be carrying home fresh or frozen food.

The other thing I wanted to do was go to see the new Chinatown area and pick up some much needed Asian food products. We did this after lunch. Also wanted to see the new Chinese gateway into the area. It was a short walk from Don Wang and the area is blocked off to most vehicular traffic.

The Chinatown area is 12 city blocks and runs between 2nd Avenue and 14th Avenue (north to south) and between 7th and 11th Streets (west to east direction). 9th Street is the central boulevard. The area was a commercial center during the last decades of the 20th century. San José's Chinatown officially opened on December 6, 2012, and is the first of it's kind in a Central American city.

We shopped at Super Hansan and I picked up mirin, Tamari soy sauce, black bean garlic sauce, spring roll wrappers, rice paper wrappers, won ton wrappers and some frozen dumplings. I'm still looking for chili paste, and lemon grass and miso pastes. This store also carries woks, dishes, pots, some fresh vegetables, frozen dim sum items, teas, different rices.and lots more.

Taxi to the Coca Cola bus terminal and home to Atenas. A very good birthday!

The Super Hansan Store
The new Gateway to Chinatown


La Soledad Church


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