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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving, American/Costa Rica Style

Canada's Thanksgiving was celebrated on October 10 this year but we didn't do much (read "nothing") to mark the day. In Canada, we used to go to one of the local hotel's Thanksgiving buffets because we had no family living or visiting us in our area so I could never see the point of cooking all that food for two people. Friends would meet us at the hotel and it worked out great for all concerned.

On Thursday, our American neighbors invited us to their house to take part in their Thanksgiving celebrations. We had a great time - met new people, learned some new Spanish words and phrases (oh, if only I could keep them glued into my brain for future use), and indulged in some really great Thanksgiving dishes.

Turkey, ribs, mashed taters, yams, green beans, cranberries, salad, gravy - I've probably missed naming some dishes - but rest assured I tried every one of them. Desserts - four kinds with real whipped cream to plop on top, wine, espresso.

The company was superb, the food was divine, the view was amazing. Good thing the walk back to our house was downhill because walking uphill would have done my food laden body in.

Can't beat this view.

View from our hosts' house.

Fantastic Thanksgiving food, with a Tico twist - note the bananas. 

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