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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dinner in La Garita

Last night, we went to La Casa del Vinedo in La Garita. John and Diane picked us up and thank goodness they are used to driving on the Costa Rican roads in the dark of night. When they first moved here, the roads had no center or side markings and no shoulder railings. The roads around here are steep and ess-curved, kilometer after kilometer. And since it gets dark here around 6:00 pm all year, we were driving in the dark this night.

Today the roads have center and side markers, plus shoulder railings, but still no lights. Diane has told me tales of driving through heavy fog at night before the road improvements and looking down into a dark abyss where there were no shoulder railings to keep one from plunging off into the black nothingness.

The area of La Garita is between Atenas and Alajuela. If you take the Atenas bus to San Jose or Alajuela, you pass through La Garita. La Casa del Vinedo also grows grapes and sells wine. I always like the Costa Rican restaurants with their rustic designs and access to the outdoors. Diane and Lance ordered steaks, I had fish (pescada) and John had a pizza. Everything looked and tasted good and the portions were large enough that we all took home leftovers. We shared desserts too, and had wine and beer.

There are two resident kitties at this restaurant and one of them attached itself to my lap for quite a while. And before anyone says animals should not be in restaurants and public areas -  phooey - how many of you have house pets that have full access to your kitchen, kitchen counters, sleep in your bed, etc.

My Feline Pal



Kitty looking out to the dining area.

My Pal