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Sunday, September 12, 2010


What does one do on a rainy Sunday afternoon on the West Coast? Shred their old papers, of course. This is actually a necessary chore to get done before moving and why I did not do it years ago, I do not know. I got right into the rhythm of it - shredder on the left, old documents in front of me, really huge clear plastic bag on my right and a glass of wine within easy reach.

When the shredded documents filled up the container, into the plastic bag they went. I'm assuming this can go out with the recyclables on garbage day. What was rather shocking to me was that I have kept ALL my pay stubs from the day I started working. They spanned historical eras. All these years, and all our moves, they have travelled along with me. It's ridiculous.

So I'm almost finished shredding. Just a few more years of income tax forms to go through - we are required to retain receipts for the previous seven years.  It's really a relief to get rid of stuff like this - I think this move to Costa Rica will be our lightest move winter clothes to bring!

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