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Sunday, August 22, 2010

So What Do You Do With All Your Junk?

Ya have a garage sale, that's what! I spent a couple of hours today rooting through all the stuff we had stored in the garage and hadn't looked at in lo these many years....and judging from the scurrying spiders, the garage had not been cleaned either. It's actually a load off the shoulders to get rid of "things" - no more dragging them around, packing them up for another move, putting them in yet another storage spot and then never using or looking at them again.

We have a pile to take to the dump in Delta, a big pile for a garage sale, a small stack to go into storage and  some gardening items set aside for a friend. We are being ruthless this time. The only new things I will be buying between now and when we leave are a set of good bed linens to take with us, as apparently quality linens are hard to find in CR or so I've read. They won't take up much luggage space if I don't open the packages.

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