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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Life’s Little Challenges .... Stupid Parrot

Today Lance saw a small bird fall down into our yard from somewhere and our cat did also. The cat started stalking the bird. Lance said, “it’s a parrot.” This is unusual ... flocks of small green parrots fly over our house all the time but they never stop in our yard and they don’t have blue colours on them.

Grabbed Cat and put him in the house. The pretty green/blue parrot was okay, busily running up and down bushes eating whatever parrots eat on bushes. I think his wings may have been clipped because he could fly very short distances but not gain any altitude. This made us think he was someone’s pet. Plus, he wasn’t very nervous and was not with a flock.

The bird ended up across our fence on our neighbour’s property. We went next door to see if we could help the little parrot but he was nowhere to be seen. 

Walking back to our house .... with all the rain we have had recently, our short laneway was very slippery. Wearing flip flops, I did a flip flop and took a fall. Net result: one bloody knee, one pair of pants with hole and a muddy shirt ... both going in the garbage. 

One Aleve tablet .... I should be fine!

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bobbi said...

Hope your knee is okay after that little accident! I've been reading about all the rain and mudslides in Costa Rica lately. Are there any road closures or power outages in Atenas? Stay safe!