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Friday, August 11, 2017

Storage Locker - Part I

Last month, we made the decision to clear out the storage locker we had in Delta, British Columbia. Before moving to Costa Rica in 2011, we disposed of most of our belongings but kept some things in storage just in case we decided to return to Canada. Six years later, we decided we had no plans to return and it was time to empty the locker. 

Our locker was with U-Pak Mobile Storage located in Delta, B.C. They drop off a container at your house, you fill it up and then they come to your house to pick up the filled container and take it to their storage facility. When you want access to your locker, they will remove it from their storage area and deposit it under a large covered area on their premises. They then return the locker to the enclosed storage area at the end of the day.

Logistics: we decided to allow five days for emptying the locker, two days to get to Vancouver, two days to return to Costa Rica, and one day for shopping in the Vancouver area (hopefully). The reason we chose two days for travel each way is that there are no direct flights to Vancouver. We could have done it in one day but that would have involved changing planes once or twice, possibly hours of sitting around in airports waiting for connecting flights, not counting the flight times, and arriving late at night or even the next day. We would rather be sleeping in a nice hotel room. So our outgoing flight route was SJO to Houston, Texas, and overnighting there. The next day Houston to Dallas to Vancouver.

Cat and house sitting: we chose Vicki Skinner at Loving Your Pet House Sitting. Vicki quickly made friends with Cat. It's nice to go away and not have to worry about house and pets. We highly recommend Vicki.

Car rental: Budget at Vancouver International Airport.

For our first night away, we stayed near Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) in Alajuela at the Hotel Brillo Sol, as we had an early flight the next day. This is a great place to stay and so close to the airport. Very reasonable price (they prefer cash). Restaurant and bar - we had a chicken lasagne that was excellent. The property is behind a tall gate and you would not know this lovely property was there unless someone told you about it. 

Our room was to the left of the bench.

Colourful walkway.


Lounge area.

Wishing well.

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