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Monday, May 1, 2017

On The Buses

Last week, we rode a morning bus from Atenas to San José. We had breakfast at Soda Tapia, La Sabana, a diner from the 1950´s, that serves typical Costa Rican food for a good price. Every time we have been there, there have been lots of customers sitting inside and outside. The menu is a two sided piece of paper with all the menu items on it (in Spanish) and you check off what you want.

We both had the ham and cheese omlette which came with fried plantains and a couple of slices of toasted bread. We also each ordered a fruit drink made with mora (a species of blackberry). We always enjoy eating at Soda Tapia - the service is attentive and meals come quickly.

Later on, we took a taxi to the Coca Cola bus station. You have to specify which station you want so, for us, we tell the driver "Coca Cola para Atenas". There used to be a large Coca Cola plant here, long gone, but the name remains. We were quite early for the next Atenas bus but there was a bus to Orotina about ready to leave so we hopped on it. The Orotina bus makes a stop in Atenas - just tell the driver that's where you will be getting off because the fare will be less.

I made a video of part of our ride home to Atenas.


  1. Nice Vid. Thanks. And, oh yes, I may not be dining like a King and Queen in CR, but tonight I will be putting some Lizano on my black beans and brown rice. I have never had it before, and just bought it today. $15 Cdn.

    1. What?? You paid $15 CAD for a bottle of Lizano? In Canada? For that price, you should have been putting it on lobster, lol! Seriously, that price is out of sight. I mean, after all, it's just a sauce.

    2. Yep. The little Mexican lady knew she had a sucker on the line, but luckily I didn't bite when she offered it to me for 2 for $25!! Hopefully, it will live up to its reputation.

    3. Mexican lady??? Lizano is a Costa Rican product.

    4. She owns a specialty import shop here in Victoria that has mainly Mexican products.

    5. Ah, I see. I priced Lizano today and a big tin of it was around C5,000. Did you like it?

    6. It is wonderful! I read that it was developed in 1920 in CR, and now I know why it is still around for almost 100 years!

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