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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Ironworkers

Because our house was broken into through one of the California windows - also called jalousies - our landlady has decided to have all the windows with glass louvers covered with iron bars from the inside. This is a smart move - it will increase the value of her house and the only way someone can now break in is by smashing one of the glass windows - and that we will surely hear.

This doesn't mean Costa Rica is a dangerous place to live in - our little community has been very safe over the years and we do not fear living here. 

Two ironworkers arrived the other day to take measurements. In Canada, they would have arrived in a van, and wearing cloth booties over their shoes so as not to dirty up floors or carpets.

Not here in Costa Rica! Our iron worker guys showed up at our gate riding big motorcycles and wearing wife beater shirts. They saw my art work lying all over the place and were suitably impressed. 

Then they went all around out house measuring the windows. They are supposed to be back here on Saturday to install the bars. 

I would take pictures of the process, except the bandits stole my camera!

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