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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

"Fifteen minutes of fame" is described as short-lived media publicity. The expression is credited to Andy Warhol, according to Wikipedia.

I had my fifteen minutes of fame last week, when I was contacted by Rogin Ghasemzadeh, Production Assistant, Roundhouse Radio 98.3 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

I was asked if I would do an interview with Kirk LaPointe, on his morning show "Our City".

Rogin told me: "Every morning, Kirk does a callout to Vancouver expats living around the world about their experiences and influences they’ve taken away from Vancouver. We define an expat as anyone who has spent time in Vancouver, knows the city, and can compare the way of life here to the way of life elsewhere. We delve into issues that are top of mind in the place where the expat is now living. The interviewee functions like a casual, conversational correspondent, giving us a local's insight into how the news, or particular cultural events, are playing out in their area. For example, we might talk to someone in Washington D.C. about the American presidential race. We might talk with someone in Hong Kong about recent clashes in the streets with police. We might talk to someone in L.A. about the Oscars. The purpose of this segment is to take advantage of the collective insight of Vancouverites (or former Vancouverites) around the world & deepen the international dialogue on our show."

I, of course, said yes! We did the interview on Skype at 6:00am Vancouver time, 7:00am Costa Rican time. Since we are up and about normally by 4:00am, this was no problem for me.

Here is the interview on 98.3 Vancouver. I am on at around 3:00 minutes, unless you want to listen to the local Vancouver news.


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