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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Eyes on Costa Rica - Update/January 31, 2016

Since my last blog entry on this topic, visits to my blog have continued from near and far. Recently, a threshold count of over 20,000 visits was reached. As shown with the panel appended to the map below, the 20,000th visit came early in the morning (our time) on January 24, 2016 from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

As I have previously indicated with respect to an earlier one of these maps, the red dots show the approximate location of individual places from where visits have occurred. The number of places now exceeds 2700. However, when the locations are close to each other, one location can be masked out by others. Apparently, the resolution is about 40 km x 40 km (25 miles x 25 miles)

When several visits are recorded from the same place, I have no way of telling whether all the visits are from the same person. For example, the panel for the UAE shows 10 visits from Dubai. Over time, this could be 10 visits from the same person, 1 visit from each of 10 different people, or anywhere in between.

The dot sitting in the middle of the ocean and highlighted in yellow just below the horn of Africa, is the location on the map where visits from "unidentified" locations are recorded. This includes visits from “Anonymous Proxies”, “Satellite Providers”, “Unknown Countries”, "U.S. Armed Forces Europe", "U.S. Armed Forces Pacific", etc. - all recorded on the map on top of one another. Not unsurprisingly, the map location is 0° longitude, 0° latitude in the middle of nowhere.

Visits from two new countries/quasi countries have emerged since my last blog entry on this topic. The total is now 107. The latest are Macedonia and Guadelupe, the latter of which is an island overseas region of France in the Caribbean.


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