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Friday, December 18, 2015

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like (a Tropical) Christmas

Christmas Day will be here soon. Our small "tree" is made of driftwood from the Jaco beaches, arranged in the shape of a pine tree and lit with sparkle lights. It sits in one of our windows so people on the road can see it. I also hung some lights on our hedge and a bit of ornamentation on our fence.


Another sure sign of Christmas in Costa Rica is the appearance of Rompope (although I think I have seen it on the stores shelves at other times of the year).

Notice it contains 4% alcohol and 100% milk .... I guess we are getting 104% of Rompope.

Rompope is an eggnog-like drink made with milk, eggs and vanilla flavoring. It is a traditional drink in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Belize and Puebla Mexico.

There are many recipes on the internet if you want to try making your own rompope. Cheers!


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