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Sunday, November 29, 2015

How I Get My Painting Supplies

When we lived in Cloverdale, British Columbia, I bought all my art supplies from Opus. They carry top of the line artist's paints and associated products.

When we moved to Costa Rica, I wondered if I would be able to find any art supplies, let alone the quality that I wanted.

Enter "Art Depot" - they have just about everything I need. They have a store and also an online shopping service. I always place my order online because we don't live where their store is. I check my order on the computer to see if it is ready for shipping, then phone them with a credit card number. They put my order on a bus to Atenas and I pick it up at the San Jose/Alajuela bus station here in Atenas.

This is so much easier for me (because we don't have a car) and the shipping charge is reasonable.

Shipping Label


The paints that I ordered
I always need gesso.


Splurged on some drawing paper.


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