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Thursday, September 24, 2015


I have a number of orchids blooming right now. They are the species phalaenopsis, also known as phals or moth orchid. Very easy to look after. They bloom regularly without a lot of fussing. In our climate, they live outside all year as do all my orchids. This is the orchid most commonly seen in stores and garden shops and given as gifts.

In contrast, I think I have just lost my miltonopsis to a virus and and the two vandas I bought at an orchid show about two years ago are just recovering from what I think was a virus. I drenched them with a fungicide and that seems to have halted the fungus progression. I hope so because they were a splurge money wise.

I obtained a lot of my phals by pilfering them from neighbors. When I see an abused orchid, I just confiscate it from them! Vista Atenas Orchid Rescue ....

Here are a few photos of my phals currently in bloom.


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