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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Fruit Pie

It's mango season in Costa Rica and mangoes are literally falling from the trees. Where we live, it seems every property has at least one mango tree and sometimes more then one. Our mango tree is huge as are most of them around here. The scent from the ripening mangoes is quite distinctive.

Two weeks ago, it looked like the mangoes were ripening but it was still hard to pluck them off the branches with the fruit picker. Today they literally fell into the fruit picker basket. I saw that quite a few still hanging on the tree have been eaten by something so they provide food for creatures other then ourselves. Many mangoes are falling off the tree and rolling down the laneway, only to jam up the electric gate.

This surfeit of fruit richness makes one feel guilty. There are only so many mango smoothies one can drink. I give away as many as I can.

Today I made a fruit pie using two of our mangoes (they were huge) and strawberries from the street vendor in Atenas (three pints for one mil - roughly two dollars.) She very carefully selects the three best pints out of her display.

Here's my pie:


The recipe is from the book "Pie-ography, Where Pie Meets Biography" and the author is Jo Packham. It was actually a strawberry pie recipe but I added the mangoes.


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