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Monday, May 18, 2015

Another Walk into Atenas

Today I attempted another walk to Maxi Pali, a grocery store close to Atenas. Yes, I know this store is owned by WalMart and universally hated. But they do have some good prices on some things and it is a bit closer to where we live, so I am not going to apologize for shopping there now and again. Ninety-five percent of the time I spend our colones at locally owned groceries right in Atenas.

I said "attempted another walk" because the previous three times I was offered rides by friends, neighbors and one of our taxi drivers who saw me walking and opened their car doors to me ... and thanks to them for that!

Today I walked alone ... sort of. About half way to my destination, I heard "beep beep" from a car going by. It was Jorge, one of our taxi drivers going the opposite way. We waved. At the checkout counter at Maxi Pali, I heard, "Deanna, Deanna!". It was Mario, Jorge's father in law, shopping in the store. We waved, asked each other how we were (this is important here, very good manners).

Finished checking out my groceries and called Jorge to pick me up at Maxi Pali. I don't even have to say who I am anymore ... I think my phone number is programmed with my name into the taxi drivers' phones.

Jorge is learning English very fast and we try to help each other out with Spanish and English.

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