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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Progress of a Painting

Just for something a bit different, I've decided to photographically chart the progress of a painting I have just started.

The size is 36" x 36", gallery wrapped canvas and I am using acrylic paints. My photo reference is courtesy of Gloria Navarro McDermott.

In this first photo, I have finished my basic background. Ultimately, the bottom third will become grass and I may or may not retain the sky the way it is now. I have roughed in my Brahma bovine with white chalk.


This morning, I started painting the shape of the animal. There is going to be a second cow on the left - just the head peeking out from the grass. Once I am happy with the layout, I'll start adding more paint by glazing and adding layer after layer of paint to achieve depth, shadows and light.

To see more of my horse and cattle art (and sometimes dogs and cats) go here.



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